General Info

Welcome to Urban Market! We are looking forward to having you as one of our vendors. Below is all the information you will need for moving into Urban Market which includes operations, expectations, and how to get in touch with Urban Market if you have any questions. Our goal is to help you succeed at Urban Market and will try to assist you in any way possible! Thank you for choosing Urban Market!

This page is meant for general information for all locations. To view location-specific information please go to the your space link and then click on your location.


  • Your contract is specific to you and your vendor space. We ask that you only discuss information about your contract or your commitment fees with URBAN MARKET management. If you have any questions regarding your contract, please email your store manager or text the vendor line.

Your Vendor Space 

  • Please visit the your space sections to view guidelines on setting up in your specific store. Every store is different.
  • Any improvements or changes to your vendor space must be approved by Urban Market management before doing so. Upon move out, your vendor space needs to be move-in ready for the next vendor. Please email design ideas, wall paper, and or paint idea to
  • Upon move out you do not need to repaint or take down wallpaper unless stated under the setting up space guidelines for your store. Spaces may be left as is as long as the next vendor can come in and just repaint.
  • Please speak to management if you are needing help with moving large items, we may be able to help you carry things but unfortunately, we do not have any dollies or carts. It is not a guarantee that staff can help you move furniture.
  • Tools and other supplies are not provided by Urban Market.
  • Please be aware of our visual guidelines when setting up and stocking your space.

Visual & Merchandising Standards 

At Urban Market we expect vendors to operate their space as a business in the way they merchandise and advertise their space. A well-merchandised display space increases the value of not only your shop but the entire marketplace. Tell a story with your fixtures, colors, and display pieces. URBAN MARKET customers appreciate the uniqueness of our marketplace, so we encourage you to brainstorm and research ways to professionally and interestingly display your product.

  • Please limit the number of signs in your space. A logo sign is acceptable and information about your business. Remember it’s your products that sell, not your signage.
  • Shelves and tables in your space that are on the main walkway should not be taller than 40 inches.
  • Shelves placed along the wall can be any height. We ask that other shelves not exceed 72 inches.
  • We ask that you do not use plastic folding tables.
  • Gridwall is only allowed at certain locations.
  • Handwritten signage is not allowed but you may use chalkboards. 
  • To comply with mall policy no vinyl banners may be used.
  • Common area walkways need to be clear of fixtures, merchandise, mannequins, signs, chairs, plants, etc. If you need help moving something that is blocking the walkway, please notify any URBAN MARKET staff. 
  • All areas of URBAN MARKET need to have 42” of clearance between walls and/or fixtures to be wheelchair accessible. 
  • Only one “sale/clearance” sign is allowed per shop but we recommend you limit the number of sale items you have. 
  • No small items on the ground. Small merchandise should be displayed on shelves, tables, or other fixtures.
  • Vendor display spaces MUST be open during ALL business hours. No exceptions. 
  • Music is provided by Urban Market, please no personal music within space unless approved. Some stores may have low volume or no music.
  • We encourage vendors to decorate for holidays.
  • Holiday decorations must come down within 5 days of the holiday ending. 
  • Vendors are responsible for following all written guidelines. URBAN MARKET staff may move items within or out of your space if they are not following guidelines, without notice. Reoccurring issues may result in restrictions or termination of contract and forfeit of deposit. Any questions or concerns regarding the marketplace visual guidelines, please email your store manager or text the vendor line. 

Doing Business at URBAN MARKET 

  • It is extremely important that everyone has their $1 Misc Item in their account with their space number. Sometimes a barcode won’t scan or an item is not tagged properly and our staff needs to use this item to process your sale. If you have not created your Misc Item, please do so asap. Please be sure it matches this format with your designated space number. In product listings, create a new listing. Under product title this will be called “(your space number) Misc Item” with a price value of $1. If you do not know your space number, please email your store manager or text the vendor line. 
  • Handwritten price tags are not allowed under any circumstance!
  • Your space must be open to customers during all URBAN MARKET operating times. 
  • All products must be tagged with the sale price and barcode stickers issued by Urban Market. 
  • Barcodes are generated by Urban Market from inventory uploaded to vendor’s seller account by the vendor. 
  • All transactions made on Urban Market premises incur a commission fee of 15%-25% (percentage based on location or program you’re in) payable to Urban Market. 
  • All sales must go through the Urban Market sales terminal. 
  • There is zero tolerance for accepting payment for product without processing through Urban Market. Anyone found to be taking payment for product will have their contract terminated immediately. 
  • Your daily sales and shop stats can be tracked through your vendor sellers’ account dashboard. 
  • Any time an order is changed or modified, it will show “Partially Refunded” under the status for all items that were not on the order. If the change did involve your item, you will usually see it on a new sale immediately after the original one. 
  •  If you are offering any type of special promotion, you must have a small card or flyer that explains the promotion and that customers can use at the checkout. The promotion details must state that is for your products only and not sound like the entire marketplace is on sale. We can not honor anything without verification of the promotion at the checkout counter. 
  • All sale items must have individual sale stickers on each item with either the sale price, percentage off, or dollar amount off.
  • Vendor payouts are processed on a monthly basis, after the end of the month’s sales. 
  • At the end of each month, your total sales are tallied, less commission and the next month’s space fee, which the remainder will be paid on the 5th after the month ends. If sales do not cover monthly space fees, the credit card on file will be charged. 
  • If rent is due to Urban Market then we will send you an invoice to pay for that months rent. Invoice must be paid within 5 days in order to avoid any late fees.
  • All vendors are to have positive and respectful conversations on the marketplace floor. 
  • When signing a licensing agreement (aka contract) with Urban Market, you are agreeing to display your product for a monthly agreed fee. Your display space is on a 3/6/12 month commitment, which then turns into a month-to-month contract, unless otherwise agreed. 
  • Operational, visual, marketing, and social media decisions are at the discretion of Urban Market management. 
  • Vendors are responsible for following all rules in their agreed contract and all guidelines/policies listed on this support site. 
  • If your clothing items were sold, hangers will be located in the freight elevator area for retrieval. Please be sure to mark all of your hangers as many vendors use the same types. 
  • If you decide to leave Urban Market as a vendor, you will need to give a 30 day notice. Please do this by email to your store manager. 
  • Let's all keep a positive outlook at least while in the marketplace, no negative talk is allowed while on the salesfloor. If a vendor is found talking poorly on the marketplace then they may be escorted out of the store and or have their contract terminated with penalties.

Theft Prevention at URBAN MARKET: 

  • Theft happens; however, we think that it is minimized with the presence of vendors in their spaces. We encourage vendors to be onsite when possible, to engage with customers. This is not a requirement though since Urban Market is staffed at all times. 
  • If you suspect a person of shoplifting in our marketplace, please stay calm and, if comfortable, greet them like any other customer. Do not confront and accuse anyone of shoplifting. Discreetly alert a staff member in a calm manner. 
  • Urban Market is not responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost merchandise. 
  • If an item is not in your space and it is not showing on sales reports, please don’t panic. This happens all the time as customers do not know that each shop is individual and they are constantly picking things up, changing their minds, and putting things down in a different space. When you find something in your space that is not yours, please bring it to the checkout so our staff can look it up and return it to the proper space. We are constantly putting things back and it can sometimes take a few days for a misplaced item to get back in your space. 
  • Use of personal security cameras in your space is prohibited. 
  • Urban Market will have posted “Smile You’re On Camera” signs to try and prevent theft.
  • Vendors may post one (1) SMALL “Smile You’re On Camera” sign within their space.

Social Media & Advertising: 

  • We strongly encourage all vendors within our marketplace to add @urbanmarketca to your Instagram profile. The more vendors post about and direct people to Urban Market the busier the marketplace will get which in return will help with increased sales.
  • You can find Urban Market on Instagram, Facebook, and our website Please follow and tag us in your posts! 
  • These platforms are used to promote the overall marketplace. Your engagement is appreciated, and your positive, supportive comments go a long way. 
  • Remember that this is your store. You wouldn’t have your own stand-alone store and not promote it. As a store owner, it should be at least one of your goals to drive traffic to your store. Your added advertising efforts go a long way.
  • Urban Market does its own advertising and promoting as well.
  • Since each media platform is targeted toward specific demographics, URBAN MARKET will determine what, when, and why certain media and marketing campaigns, as well as vendor shoutouts, take place. There is no obligation by URBAN MARKET to promote vendors, products, events or workshops. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • For any questions please email your store manager or text the vendor line.