Marketing/Advertising/Social Media

Urban Market likes to remind vendors that we do our part when it comes to advertising and marketing for our locations. We do multiple forms of advertising for the stores through different platforms. Please review section in your contract regarding advertising and marketing.

Make sure to include Urban Market in your social media bio so customers know that you have a location they can shop at. Our tag is @UrbanMarketCA

It is mandatory that all vendors post at least twice a month. Meaning they need to make a post at least 7 days apart twice a month to promote their space in our market. This is to help you, the vendor, to grow your business. There will be a $10 fee assessed for every post missed that will be applied to your Ricochet account at the end of the month.

It is also up to the vendors to do their part and advertise their spaces. Here are some ideas and what is allowable for vendors regarding advertising:

  • Social media advertising like sponsored ads
  • Search engine advertising like google ads
  • Yelp advertising
  • Mailers
  • Printed ads

These are just a few ideas that vendors can do to advertise their space. This is your store too just like if you had your own stand alone store so advertise it how you'd like to drive customers to your space. If you are unsure on how to advertise please reach out to us.

We also like to ask vendors to send us pictures through our Instagram account @UrbanMarketCA for us to post on our feed. We like to make our instagram a more organic experience coming from the vendors point of view instead of a super structured page. Please take a look at what we post and the style to give you an idea of the pictures to send. Even though we do want the page to be more organic from vendors we still want it to be visually pleasing to followers.


Although we try to repost everyone equally in the marketplace it is not a guarantee. Story reposting is also not a guarantee but we do try to get everyone reposted as much as possible if you tag us in your story. We do like to have as much content as possible on our Instagram and Facebook so please feel free to send us pictures. We like to post pictures of entire spaces or a shelf full of products for example. Individual may be posted just depends on the style of picture. Also, story reposting just depends on what you are posting. We try to stay away from all informational posts, posts with other companies tagged in it, or items on sale. Tagging us as a collaborator in your post may get approved just depending on the post type but these are not guaranteed that we join as a collaborator. Also, requesting us to post does not guarantee a repost. Please use the images and stories we post as guidelines as to what content to make for posting. 

We do not post or repost the following from vendors (not limited to):

  • Sale posts or items on sale
  • Posts of mainly people or a person
  • Informational posts, meaning posts with a lot text
  • Posts linking or talking about other companies
  • Single product photos or videos selling an item

What we look for in a post or repost from vendors (not limited to):

  • Your entire space photo
  • Video showing off your space
  • Time lapse videos 
  • Artistic style photos or videos showing a wide range of product in your space 
  • Product highlight video with the marketplace or your booth in the background
  • Marketplace video leading to your space 
  • Restock video or photo