ATTENTION! It has come to our attention the portion about mailing the payouts was not removed from the newsletter before sending. Payout check will not be mailed out unless the vendor wishes to pay the $5 mailing fee. Checks will be picked up at the location after a request has been sent like usual. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your patience through all these changes. 

If payouts are not picked up within 7 days at the location then you will need to request a new payout check. This is for security purposes. Thank you. 
  • Payout checks are available by request only starting the 5th of each month. Send requests to If you send a request to any other email then your check will not be ready since you sent a request to the wrong email. 
  • Payout check will not be printed automatically. 
  • Payout check will be available the Friday after the request is sent. Either by mail or physical pick up. If you don’t specify in your email pick up or mail then it will be pick up. 
  • If you send a request after 5pm on a Thursday then payout check will be available the follow Friday. 
  • Breakdowns are no longer available with checks. To view your sales and commission taken out please view your online account. You should already know the rent amount that you can deduct also. To find your rent amount please view your agreement. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Email requests to but you can view your breakdown on your Ricochet account under Payout History.
  • Checks are location specific meaning we will not lump your checks together at one location. If you are at multiple of our locations then checks will go out to each location for you to pick up. 
  • We do not provide exact payout information prior to the vendor picking up their payout check. 
  • If there are any concerns regarding your payout please reach out by email.
  • In most cases you will not receive a confirmation email to your request. 
  • In most cases checks will not be available on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holiday. If the end of the confirmation lands on any of those days then it will be available for pickup the following day.
  • If you owe Urban Market rent money then you will not receive a payout.
  • We do not pay you out for sales unless it exceeds your monthly rent. Your sales are used to pay for your next months rent so if you don't make enough then there is nothing to pay out.
  • Payout checks are only valid for 90 days. After the 90 days the current check will be voided and you will need to request a new check to be cut. A new check is not automatically cut unless the vendor requests it.
  • Checks are typically available later in the day on Friday. If you come early in the day they might not be available yet as we get them from our accountant that day. 
  • Checks are not mailed automatically but can be mailed for a $5 fee. Please schedule this prior to month end and the $5 fee will come out of your payout.
  • We only provide physical checks for payout. We do not direct deposit or zelle.