Per Piece General Info

Welcome to Urban Market’s Pay Per Piece Program!

Currently, this program is only available at our Brea Mall location. We are always accepting vendor applications.

Program Pricing:

  • 25 pieces $75 rent a month
  • 50 pieces $140 rent a month
  • 100 pieces $240 rent a month
  • 150 pieces $265 rent a month
  • 200 pieces $275 rent a month
  • 300 pieces $325 rent a month
  • plus 15% commission taken from sales

Program Details:

  • We merchandise your products for you. All you do is input your inventory and barcode your products.
  • No items held in the back for more than 48 hours for placement.
  • Always guaranteed items on the sales floor at any given time.
  • We try our best to group your items together to make it easier for your customers to find.
  • You may bring your own racks, shelves, tables, and displays. Just make sure your name is on everything you bring.
  • Rents do not get prorated.
  • Upgrade or downgrade at any time.
  • 3 month commitment for new vendors