Per Piece Program


Welcome to Urban Market’s Pay Per Piece Program!

Currently, this program is only available at our Brea Mall location. We are always accepting vendor applications.

Program Pricing:

  • 25 pieces $75 rent a month

  • 50 pieces $140 rent a month

  • 100 pieces $240 rent a month

  • 150 pieces $265 rent a month

  • 200 pieces $275 rent a month

  • 300 pieces $325 rent a month

  • plus 15% commission

Program Details:

  • We merchandise your products for you. All you do is input your inventory and barcode your products.

  • No deposit.

  • No items held in the back for more than 48 hours for placement.

  • Always guaranteed items on the sales floor at any given time.

  • We try our best to group your items together to make it easier for your customers to find.

  • You may bring your own racks, shelves, tables, and displays. Just make sure your name is on everything you bring.

  • Rents do not get prorated.

  • Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

  • 3 month commitment for new vendors

Featured Space:

  • Wall space to customize to fit your brand.

  • Put up a store sign to display your brand.

  • These spaces have about 12x60 inches of floor space to put a small shelf or rack and wall space.

  • You may also add floating shelves or rods to hang clothing.

  • Featured spaces are merchandised by the vendor but your inventory is still used throughout the store.

  • This is an additional cost to the pieces monthly rent.

  • Featured spaces start at $200 a month.

  • Deposit required for featured spaces.

  • 3 month commitment for new vendors