Pick Ups

Urban Market now offers order pickups for your business, at no extra cost!

No more having to worry about scheduling a pick-up for your business’s orders and fitting it into your personal schedule. Just drop it off at an Urban Market and have your customer come pick it up during our normal business hours.

  • This is only for orders placed outside of Urban Market through your personal website or ordering platform.
  • Orders must already be paid for. We will not collect payment for you.
  • Bring your customer’s orders with an invoice for the order. Pick-up orders without an invoice attached will not be accepted.
  • Order must be enclosed in a bag or box for example. This is to ensure that the order is not tampered with and that the customer receives all their items. We will not verify the contents of the order with your customer.
  • We will then verify that it is the correct person picking up the order.
  • Only offered to current vendors renting a space within Urban Market.

We will not handle any returns or exchanges for pick-up orders. Vendor must provide a return or exchange policy and contact info with their pick-up order so the customer knows not to contact Urban Market. If there are any discrepancies with your pick-up order then the customer will need to reach out to the vendor to handle such issues. Urban Market is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items. Please text our vendor line for further assistance.