Pricing Policy & Violations

This is to inform all vendors of the pricing policy we have within the store so there is no confusion.

The county of Orange requires that all items be priced correctly. This means that when your product is scanned the description must match the item being scanned. For example; it can not scan as a bracelet when the item is actually a necklace. Also, the price on the price tag must match what is in your inventory. 

Store staff is conducting inventory checks and will be contacting vendors with any violations they may find. As a courtesy, you will receive an email most likely regarding the violations. Once the email is sent you will have 24 hours to come in and correct any violations. After the 24 hours has expired your items will be removed from the salesfloor and placed in the vendor backroom. The courtesy email is not a guarantee though, if we find that you have far too many violations then we may just remove everything to avoid a fine from the county. You will not be notified that your items are being removed. 

These pricing policies are very strict and Urban Market will receive a fine of up to $400 per item that the county finds to be in violation. This fine will be passed down to the vendor since the vendor is responsible for managing their own inventory correctly. For example; if the county finds 5 items of a specific vendor items that are in violation then that may be up to a $2,000 fine. So if your items are in violation and we receive a fine from the county then you will see the fine amount on your Ricochet account as a negative amount, meaning this is owed to us for you not following pricing policies. Proof of the violation will be provided upon request by emailing us.

Running a sale or doing price changes. If you are running a sale it is recommended to not mark down your items in Ricochet, if you change the prices then you will need to come in within 24 hours of changing the prices and re-tag all your items so they are correct. If you are raising or lowering prices then you will have 24 hours to come in and re-tag your items with the new prices. Any violations found will result in products being removed from the sales floor and possibly a fine if the county finds these violations.

This is a very serious matter that is the law made by the county of Orange so it must be followed exactly. There are no exceptions or deviations from the law. All violations will be passed down to the vendors that are in violation for them to pay the violation.