Retail Theft

It's sad to say that theft happens in retail but it is the world we live in nowadays and something we all need to be aware of with being part of a retail store. Although we do our best to prevent theft we are not responsible for the theft that happens. We have put up active and fake cameras to try and prevent theft as much as possible. Video feeds are not available for vendors to see, unfortunately.

Remember to take action within your space to help prevent theft. This is your store too so you can take precautions to help prevent theft along with our implemented measures. 

Some ideas to help prevent theft:

  • Lock up your expensive items or items that you are worried about getting stolen. You can leave the keys with our staff so they can help your customer purchase the product. Make sure to put a sign up saying "ask an associate for assistance" so they know the item is for sale.
  • Although you can't put up active cameras you can put up fake cameras and smile you're on camera sings.
  • Sensor tags for clothing are available inside our larger Collective store at Westminster Mall upon request. This is not normally provided by us but we do have some available.
  • You may also put sensor tags on your clothing and merchandise at your own expense.
  • Take out an insurance plan to cover theft in your space.
  • Hire someone to be dedicated to only your space to monitor it during business hours.

If theft is of concern in your space please reach out to us to discuss options for you that may include moving spaces or other suggestions to help you prevent theft. Within our contract it states that we are not responsible for that and at this time we do not reimburse vendors for theft. By signing our contract you acknowledge that theft in your space is the vendors responsibility. Urban Market also does not provide anti theft materials such as fake cameras or sensor tags. We may from time to time have these things on hand for vendors to borrow though since we do care and try to help as much as we can we are not responsible for theft. It is up to the vendor to take all precautions they can.