Running a sale

Sales are encouraged during the holidays or season changes. Also, our Westminster shoppers love sales so this may help vendor sales at that mall. Below are some guidelines for running sales at Urban Market.

  • If enough vendors do a sale at the same time then we will put our sale signs in front of the store to help draw customers in.
  • Sale items must have a tag or sticker on each item stating the new sale price, percentage off, or dollar amount off.
  • No handwritten sale signs unless it’s a cute chalkboard with styled writing.
  • Keep sale signs to a minimum. Don’t overpower your space with red sale signs.
  • Try to keep your largest sale sign 8”x11”.
  • You may also have printed cards made that state you’re having an entire shop sale and the sale details. Even if you have this card each item must still have a tag or sticker present of the sale, as stated above.
  • You can post your sale on social media but your in-shop items must still be tagged with the sale.
  • Make sure all verbiage states that the sale is only for your specific store and items. Customers may confuse it for an entire store sale instead of just your items. 
  • Always let staff know that you are doing a sale so they can relay it to the rest of the staff.
  • Urban Market is not responsible for items marked down incorrectly or sale stickers being moved. Staff has to honor whatever the sale sticker says on your items. We would suggest putting your company name on the sale sticker so it is clear the sale is yours.


  • If running a sale on your entire space then you can just put up a sign in your space specifying the sale.
  • No need to individually mark each item if the sale is on everything.
  • No need to change prices in Ricochet.


  • If only specific items in your space are on sale then we recommend marking those individual items.
  • You can use stickers from amazon or an office supply store to mark your items.
  • No need to change prices in Ricochet or requesting new tags.