Submitting a 30 day notice

It saddens us to hear that you want to turn in a notice to leave the marketplace. Below is how submitting a 30 notice works.

  • You still have to finish out your 3 month commitment
  • You can submit your 30 notice at anytime
  • 30 day notice must be submitted by email to for Westminster.
  • The only valid form of submitting a notice is through this email. All other forms will be invalid and not considered for your notice.

After submitting a 30 day notice email please allow 24-72 hours for a reply to confirm your move out.

When leaving your space it just needs to be left in good condition for the next renter. You do not need to paint or remove wall paper. Flooring must stay the way you left it per our contract and policies. If you put down flooring then that flooring must be left, you can not take the flooring with you. If you built a wall or walls then the wall must stay up, you can not take down the wall. Any Urban Market property mut be left behind for example cameras or signs or borrowed fixtures.

Final payout will be during the normal payout the following month as usual.

Leaving early:

If you decide to leave earlier than your 3 month commitment then you will forfeit your deposit and possibly any payouts that are owed to you. If fees are owed to Urban Market then we will take those fees out of your payout sales and deposit. Your credit card on file may be charged for any fees owed to us if your payout and deposit do not cover the charges. Failure to pay may affect your credit score.

If you have any questions please reach out to us by email.