Transferring Spaces

Transferring from space to space is allowed within the same Urban Market location. 

More information on transferring in the same location:

  • A $50 transfer fee applies to all transfers, this fee is nonrefundable
  • Can only transfer every 30 days
  • Starts a new 3 month commitment
  • Must sign a new contract
  • Deposit will apply to new space
  • Refund of deposit will be applied as a credit to your account on the backend or you can request a refund on your next payout (if applicable)

Wanting to transfer to a new location entirely:

Unfortunately, we do not allow transferring from one location to another. You can only transfer spaces within the same location. If you are wanting to go to another one of our locations and close your space in your current location then a 30 day notice must be submitted and finished. This is standard for closing your space at one of our locations. Any money paid at your current location, like deposit, will not be applied to your new location. Final payout will need to be picked up at the location the sales were from. Payouts do not get transferred.