Westminster Mall Space Guidelines

We are super excited to have you part of the Urban Market family and can’t wait to see your setup in our marketplace! Here are some general guidelines to follow when setting up your space for our newest location upstairs.

  • Please remember to stay within your assigned outlined space with shelving or anything that hangs over your outline. See management for approval if you’re needing any assistance with going outside your outline.
  • You may drill into the walls to hang shelving etc. Use drywall anchors to ensure what you’re screwing into the wall doesn’t rip out if you are screwing into drywall. 
  • Make sure screws do not go all the way through into your neighbor’s space. 
  • Grid walls and slat walls are allowed.
  • Electricity outlets are not available in all spaces. Vendors with outlets may share with their neighbors though.
  • Divider screens and room dividers may be used as long as they are wood or look like wood and decorative. Dividers can not exceed 6 feet in height. 
  • Room dividers can only be used with spaces that have a back wall along the perimeter of the store or in the center of the store.
  • Metal poles that are in spaces can be removed by the vendor if they wish to. Please make sure to not damage the wall or flooring when removing poles.
  • Metal poles can be painted white, gold, silver, or black by the vendor if they wish.


  • Wall building is not allowed in this location


  • This location will not have this option available at this current time.



  • Painting and or decals on walls and beams are not allowed at this new location.
  • The walls that have wallpaper already on it from the previous store can be removed if the vendor wishes.
  • White paint can be used if the vendor wishes to freshen up the space.
  • Not all spaces are allowed to have wallpaper. Space 02-05 and space 12-17 are NOT allowed to do wallpaper in their spaces.
  • Wallpaper must be approved before putting up. Send pictures of wallpaper for approval to matt@urbanmarketstores.com
  • Once approved you can install wallpaper
  • Wallpaper must go all the way up. If you have something else in mind then email us to get that approved.
  • Do not put wallpaper on the top wall part above the panels
  • Wallpaper must be peel and stick so it can be easily removed
  • If neighbor has wallpaper then it must line up evenly
  • Wallpaper must be put up nicely and with c
  • Do not use extra adhesive to stick wallpaper on the wall, this will make it harder to remove
  • Vendor must remove wallpaper if they decide to leave the marketplace. Wall must be returned to its original white wall color.
  • If the wall paper is not removed or damages the wall then a cleaning and removal fee will be taken from your deposit or charged to you.


  • No floor modifications are allowed in this location.
  • Rugs are allowed as long as they securely adhere to the floor so they are not a trip hazard. Visible tape on rugs is not allowed. Please use specific rug adhesive strips and not regular double-sided tape. If rugs are not securely adhered to the floor then they will be removed and put in the vendor area in the back of the store.


  • These spaces can not have shelves that block or clothing racks that block the window view. Customers from the outside must be able to see through your space and into the store.
  • We recommend putting manakins, tables, or see-through shelving that is not packed out with products.
  • NO clothing racks are allowed directly against the window unless displayed nicely. 
  • Shelving must be see-through no matter how tall or short so that way customers can see through if looking in the window.
  • You may NOT change the flooring in a window space but you can lay down a rug.
  • Nothing can be put on the window. No signs or merchandise for example. Nothing stuck to or fastened to the window.
  • Your store sign can not be attached to the window.


  • Remember that this is not a pop-up and spaces must be designed and merchandised as if they were an everyday store, because that’s what we are. This means no racks on wheels, rolling clothing racks, no tablecloths, and no banners. Take pride in your space and showcase your items by making your space look visually pleasing to shop.
  • Rolling cloths racks can be approved by management by emailing us for approval. If they are a nicer rolling rack that does not look like a pop up or like it belongs in a stock room then they may be approved. This will be addressed on a case to case basis.
  • You may use solid-backed shelving to block your neighbors space and make your space more enclosed if you are not wanting to build a wall. If you are using a solid-backed shelf then you must paint the back of the shelf white so it visually looks better. You can not leave it the ugly brown color that it usually is when it comes out of the box.
  • Your store sign can be large and in charge but make sure it does not overpower the area you’re in and overpower all the other vendors by looking obnoxious. Remember to make your space look like its own boutique. We have sign referrals if you need someone to make you a nice-looking sign.
  • If it looks like a pop up then you will be asked to change your space. If you do not change your space within a timely manner then management will remove the items and assess a storage fee of $50 a day and up to termination of your contract with deposit forfeit.
  • Do not use wall as a shelf. Nothing is allowed on top of the wall frame.
  • Store signs must not extend past your wall.
  • Shelving can extend past the 4 foot walls.
  • Nothing can be put on the window. No signs or merchandise for example. Nothing stuck to or fastened to the window.


  • Please remember that these spaces may be moved around to merchandise the store better. 
  • These areas in the store are where we will allow tables, clothing racks, and or see-through shelving.
  • Fixtures are not provided by Urban Market. The vendor must submit a picture and dimensions of what they are wanting to in before renting the space. The size of the fixture and how many will determine the rent cost.
  • No floor space is allowed for these types of spaces. This means that you may not use or put things on the floor on or by your space.
  • You can NOT change the flooring and no rugs are allowed.
  • Displays on table or shelf may not extend 55 inches from the floor. Fixtures on table or shelf can not have solid backs that block the line of site.
  • If Urban Market provides a fixture for your merchandise you may not alter that fixture in any way. Meaning you can not fasten anything to the fixture where it might damage the fixture. No glue, tape, or any adhesive-type material may be used.


  • Make sure tall shelves are fastened together. This will create a more solid structure that won’t be so easily knocked over or fall on someone.
  • Make sure all rugs are fastened to the floor so they do not create a trip hazard.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher in your space then this must stay where it is. Please do not remove or move it. The extinguisher sticker must stay in place as well.

Management reserves the right to make any changes to your space to fit in these guidelines without prior consent from the vendor. Guidelines are subject to change without notice.